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Headed Home

Headed Home

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December 2022 || Each panel 30"H x 20"W || Acrylic on Canvas, Three Panels

This piece is inspired by all my drives back and forth between Nashville and Birmingham/Tuscaloosa over the years. The background has "I-65" stamped in a creamy grey, with low contrast against the ivory background. And the black boxes have the text "Headed Home" stamped in a slightly lighter grey. So much happens on drives home and the commutes- it's where you process your day, your season of life, call your friends and family, replay the day and have imaginary conversations, or listen to music, podcasts, the news (or Bobby Bones, if you're me...). Some of my most creative ideas happen in the car, and this pays homage to all those little moments on the drive home. 

I love the warm, neutral, high-contrast color scheme of this triptych. I think it would be beautiful in natural wood floater frames - I'm happy to provide frame recommendations, if you'd like them. 

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