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Mallory Lane Creative

All Hat No Cattle No. 2

All Hat No Cattle No. 2

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October 2022 || 20"H x 20"W || Acrylic on Canvas

All of the pieces in the Cowgirl Collection are intended to infuse a cheeky sense of FUN into your space. The shades of blue in this piece make me imagine it in a little boy's room, hanging above a crib or a reading nook. 

The phrase "All Hat No Cattle" is one of my favorite cliches, meaning someone has the appearance of a cowboy but doesn't have the cows to back it up, or is "all talk" and no action. I experimented with a new process for making the cowboy hat stamp, carving it myself out of a linoleum block for print-making. I am a firm believer that there is plenty of room for fun in the art world, and this is a way to bring some of that fun into your home.

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