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No. 19: Cabin in the Canyon

No. 19: Cabin in the Canyon

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December 2022 ||10"H x 10" W || Acrylic on Canvas 

After a particularly difficult project at work, I wanted to go somewhere I could be in nature, and "off the grid" (to a certain extent). I rented a cabin at the Grand Canyon and hung out there for a week, painting and hiking by myself. I wrote this entry on my list during that time.

Color-wise, this piece is a combination of warm, earthy browns, and a pop of cool white. It is finished with a high-gloss varnish, so it looks sleek & shiny. 

Each piece in the contentment collection is stamped with an item pulled from gratitude lists in my journals, which I've been writing consistently for ten years now. They are meant to be mix & matched so you can choose the colors and phrases that speak to you. I hope when you look at them, they serve as a reminder to practice gratitude. 

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